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Take This Job and Love It; The Joys of Professional Selling

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Sales expert Tim Breithaupt shares the newest trends in selling. His highly successful 10 Step Process gives you a practical, proven blueprint to close more sales, more often at higher profits. Using a lively blend of sales logic, simplicity and humor this inspiring book delivers the tools to build confidence and exceed sales targets. Enjoy.

Canadian Bestseller emphasizes newest trends in selling.

Take This Job and Love It, a book by Calgary sales expert Tim Breithaupt, explains how today’s rapidly changing and intensely competitive business environment is shattering the foundations of traditional selling and sparking the emergence of entrepreneurial selling, a new breed of sales person – sales reps need not apply.

Take This Job and Love It is one of the few books to be endorsed in Canada by David Chilton, noted author of The Wealthy Barber.

It strips away the perceived complexities of selling and shows how to confidently navigate through an entire sales cycle. Using a simple, uncomplicated and frequently humorous approach, Breithaupt reveals the key competencies needed by today’s salespeople. His 10-step Sequential Model of Professional Selling (Pg 10) provides a foolproof blueprint for sales success, and he shows how Five Magic Words (Pg 174) can help sales people double their close ratio.

“Customers today are immune to traditional sales techniques,” says Tim. “They’re buying differences, not similarities, and they’re demanding value-added solutions to provide a competitive edge. Sales professionals understand that in order to satisfy their customers they need to embrace an ethical code of conduct that includes all aspects of the business relationship.”

Whether you are a veteran sales professional, new to the field or starting a home-based business, Tim’s book gives you a treasure-trove of tools and techniques that virtually guarantees more sales and a higher income. It will teach you how to create more results-oriented sales calls and truly experience the joys of professional selling.

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