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This program delivers the competencies of professional selling. It fosters sales confidence to effectively navigate through the entire sales call and close the deal. It focuses on the customer so that you can synchronize your selling agenda to the customer’s buying agenda. Synchronized Selling builds a better understanding of ingredients of successful selling and serves as a strong foundation for sales success. Tim lends his twenty five years of selling and managerial experience to position real-world wisdom and selling strategies. Selling today is about loyal relationships and satisfying customers’ conditions of satisfaction. Don’t simply outprice your competitor, outsell them.

Tim’s keynotes offer a lively blend of simplicity, logic and humor. They are content rich coupled with real-world wisdom.

Are you relaxed and confident making presentations? Convincing Presentations is a one-day workshop designed to offset presentation nervousness and build confidence to effectively persuade, inform and inspire the toughest audience. Powerful Presentations is content rich with easy, practical tools and tips for making dynamic presentations coupled with enthusiasm and passion. Wow your customers with convincing, benefit-focused presentations that neutralize your competition.

It’s time to re-energize and re-focus your sales team with the essentials of Synchronized Selling. Attend this half day motivational primer and foster the confidence to elevate the quality of each sales call. Shift activity to productivity.

Communicating effectively demands our full attention and is vital to any successful relationship. This seminar has been designed to deliver tools and simple techniques to dramatically improve your communication skills. This interactive, informative and humorous seminar will improve productivity, reduce stress and enrich relationships.

This program provides the understanding and ability to apply fundamental skills in negotiations. The primary focus of the workshop is to achieve win-win agreements.

This program has been designed to support managers in coaching others. The primary focus of the workshop is to develop effective techniques that help address the challenges faced in managing today. The seminar identifies the role of a manager as a leader by inspiring others to achieve their best.

This seminar presents a framework for improving front-line service. Service is being the perfect host – customers must feel welcome and treated as guests. The primary focus of this workshop is recognizing how quality service can give companies a competitive advantage. The seminar identifies the importance of each individual’s personal impact on the customer’s experience as well as stimulates awareness into positive action. Taking action is the most powerful statement one can make – it’s the difference between customer service and lip service. Outservice your competitors and learn valuable tips for good customer service.

Attitude is the cornerstone of your success. Properly understood and embraced, a positive approach can enrich your personality and the impression you make on others. A deeper appreciation of attitude may cause you to change your outlook and enthusiastically join the ranks of those who consider attitude to be their most priceless possession. Research continues to validate that it has a compelling impact on your level of success. It empowers you achieve new levels of productivity in your professional and personal life.