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### [Synchronized Selling: The Art of Win-Win](seminars/synchronized-selling-art-win-win)

This program delivers the competencies of professional selling. It fosters sales confidence to effectively navigate through the entire sales call and close the deal. It focuses on the customer so that you can synchronize your selling agenda to the customer’s buying agenda. Synchronized Selling builds a better understanding of ingredients of successful selling and serves as a strong foundation for sales success. Tim lends his twenty five years of selling and managerial experience to position real-world wisdom and selling strategies. Selling today is about loyal relationships and satisfying customers’ conditions of satisfaction. Don’t simply outprice your competitor, outsell them.

### [Synchronized Selling and Beyond](seminars/synchronized-selling-and-beyond)

It’s time to re-energize and re-focus your sales team with the essentials of Synchronized Selling. Attend this half day motivational primer and foster the confidence to elevate the quality of each sales call. Shift activity to productivity.

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