Effective Coaching Skills


  • Provide coaching tools that will help managers support their salespeople in the practice of Synchronized Selling techniques.
  • Discover the challenges of coaching.
  • Enhance self-awareness and understanding of personal growth and change.
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn how to direct and support employees to increase productivity.
  • Share ideas and experiences with other managers.



This program has been designed to support the ongoing application of key concepts of Synchronized Selling: The Art of Win-Win. A practical, hands-on approach is taken, where managers have the opportunity to problem-solve, brainstorm and exchange ideas and experiences with other sales managers.

PART I Pre-Course Analysis

Through discussions with management and/or participants, Spectrum identifies the learning objectives prior to the seminar. It is important for the facilitator to appreciate participant's needs, challenges and expectations in order to tailor the seminar.

PART II Effective Coaching Skills

This program examines sales management in the 21 century – a time of much change, competition and opportunity. As many organizations downsize, merge, undertake acquisitions and new technologies, today’s sales managers face many challenges. This program is aimed at helping managers to overcome these challenges by coaching their people to be top-achieving sales professionals.

Introduction: Sales managers play a critical role in the transfer of learning to the work environment. Salespeople look to their managers for the necessary guidance, recognition and support in the practice of new skills.

Attitools: The competencies of today’s business arena go far beyond pure business skills. Managers today require a complex array of skills – attitude is one of these competencies. As well, they are responsible for coaching a winning attitude. Pillars of success include:

  • Take Action
  • Set Goals
  • Stretch Comfort Zone
  • Balance
  • Esteem

Coaching Skills:

  • Set goals to maximize day
  • Discover effective time-management principles
  • Identify manager as a coach and coaching challenges
  • Stimulate a higher level of individual productivity
  • Direct, Support and Nurture Employees
  • Improve communication skills and become a better listener
  • Recognize strategies to effectively mentor sales representatives
  • Identify and adjust to the behavioural styles of employees

PART III Follow Up

Spectrum will follow up to discuss feedback from session. Participant evaluation forms are available for review.


This seminar is based on a day rate of $5,500. Recommended group size is 15 - 20 participants.