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Tim Breithaupt continues to build a strong reputation as a professional and motivational speaker. His style is often referred to as enter”train”ment. He uses a lively blend of logic, simplicity and humor. Seminar content and delivery can be customized to support meeting themes, corporate agendas or missions. Following are topics that have proved popular.

Winning Attitudes: Five Pillars of Success

Winning attitudes has proven to be a very popular topic among professionals. Attitude drives skills and is one of the core competencies essential for success. This program recognizes the importance of a positive mental attitude and delivers specific, tangible strategies to foster personal and professional growth. This humorous and entertaining keynote address is guaranteed to leave the audience with a “JUST DID IT!” attitude.

Synchronized Selling: Five Ingredients of a "Yes"

This keynote has been designed to deliver the competencies of professional selling and provide the five fundamentals as well as new techniques to stimulate sales effectiveness. Learn how to improve your close ratio and confidently navigate through the entire sales cycle, guided by the five rights of passage. Tim lends his thirty years of selling and managerial experience to position real-world wisdom and current selling strategies.

Customer Service or Lip Service?

Quality service can give companies a competitive advantage. Service is being the perfect host – customers must feel welcome and treated as guests. This program shows how to exceed customers’ expectations, understand the service cycle and deal with different customers. This lively, interactive keynote will leave the audience stimulated to take positive action and avoid lip service.

The Art of Getting To "Yes"

Confirming does not happen in isolation from the total sales process. Closing is not an isolated event which gets plugged in the sales cycle at some magical moment. Customers want to be nudged along in a natural, trusting flow. This program identifies the importance of building trust throughout the entire sales process. This upbeat keynote will stimulate change to increase sales and double close ratios.

Effective Communication Skills; Listening is a Contact Sport

When you are talking, you will only hear what you already know. When you listen, you learn what you don’t know. Hence, communication skills are the cornerstone for every relationship. This highly customized program will improve both internal and external relationships by providing key communication essentials, effective listening skills and showing the importance of understanding and adapting to the needs of others.


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