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Winning Attitudes

Attitude is the cornerstone of your success. Properly understood and embraced, a positive approach can enrich your personality and the impression you make on others. A deeper appreciation of attitude may cause you to change your outlook and enthusiastically join the ranks of those who consider attitude to be their most priceless possession. Research continues to validate that it has a compelling impact on your level of success. It empowers you achieve new levels of productivity in your professional and personal life.

In the interest of mutual understanding I offer two definitions of attitude: 1) your outlook towards things and 2) choice. You are what you think. You can choose to be miserable or you choose to make it a great day. My theory is that life is too short to be miserable, but it’s long enough to have some fun. You decide.

Top achievers understand that life offers choices; you can live a life of anticipation or a life of participation. The choice you make determines if you live with results or excuses.

Unfortunately, 75% of what we hear, see and read in a typical day is negative. We are bombarded with an onslaught of negative inputs as we navigate through a typical day. We often succumb to the negative, living our lives under a tremendous burden of stress. Many of us live in “quiet desperation”, failing to see the small percentage of positive that does exist. The vaccine is in the form of making a conscious choice, a choice to embrace and nurture a positive outlook. I believe that seeing the positive is a discipline. It takes conscious effort and energy to remain positive and energized throughout your day. It can be hard work.

Top achievers understand the importance of a winning edge and use it to differentiate themselves. They are guided by proven attitudinal characteristic of successful people who have gone before them. They embrace self-mentoring strategies and hold themselves responsible for their quality of life. No excuses.

Another common yet transparent saboteur of our day is the lack of daily goals, which I refer to as daily destinations. We often go into our day guided by nothing more than a sense of routine and familiarity of habit. Hence, our daily outcomes are determined by the urgencies of other people’s objectives. Without goals or destinations of our own, it’s inevitable that we become subservient to the demands of others. The sad fact is that up to 80% of our day can be re-active versus pro-active. Top achievers offset this silent theft of time guided by clear, daily destinations. Know where your finish line is for each and every day. It’s a simple yet effective strategy that puts more enjoyment in your day.