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Effective Negotiating Skills


  • Apply the language of negotiation to achieve win-win agreements.
  • Get higher prices and lower discounts.
  • Build your negotiation confidence.
  • Use and apply negotiation strategies effectively.
  • Never again succumb to customers’ outrageous demands.
  • Banish old-fashion strategies that smack of manipulation.
  • Eliminate seller’s remorse or buyer’s remorse.
  • Create long-term, loyal relationships.



This seminar builds the confidence to engage in timely and effective negotiation with a willing customer. Throughout this one-day program, the facilitator lends his twenty years in the business community to position real-world examples and strategies. Group discussions, workbook exercises, facilitation and humour are utilized to maximize retention.

PART I Pre-Course Analysis

Through discussions with management and/or participants, Spectrum identifies the learning objectives prior to the seminar. It is important for the facilitator to appreciate participant’s needs, challenges and expectations in order to tailor the seminar.

PART II Effective Negotiating Skills Seminar

This in-depth, high-impact course builds a solid foundation of negotiation competencies.

Introduction: The biggest misunderstanding is not so much how to negotiate but when. In sales, as in life, we get what we negotiate. The sales process positions a willing customer whereas negotiation is what truly anchors a win-win agreement. Eliminate buyer’s remorse and seller’s remorse by utilizing effective negotiation principals.

Attitools: The competencies of today’s business arena go far beyond pure business skills. Professionals today require a complex array of skills – attitude is one of these competencies. Pillars of success include:

Take Action
Set Goals
Stretch Comfort Zone
Negotiating Skills: Take your customers’ relationships to new levels by utilizing creative negotiation skills to foster long-term, loyal, win-win relationships.

Effectively prepare prior to negotiating price, terms and conditions
Use and apply negotiation strategies effectively
Respond Effectively to Customer Complaints
Explore common approaches to resolving differences
Apply trade-offs and concessions to double your close ratio
Offset the price objection
Learn the aspects of confirmation
Negotiate with an irate customer without giving too much away

PART III Follow Up

Spectrum will follow up with management and/or participants to discuss feedback from session. Participant evaluation forms are available for review.


This seminar is based on a day rate of $5,500. Recommended group size is 15 – 20 participants.