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Customer Service or Lip Service: The Perfect Host


  • Recognize how quality service can give companies the competitive edge.
  • Appreciate the importance of personal impact in providing quality service. Learn tips on customer service.
  • Stimulate awareness as a company Ambassador into positive action to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Examine the attitudinal qualities essential to service success.
    Develop customer service skills to deal with challenging situations.
  • Present a framework to improve our service efforts.
  • Examine ways to measure our service success and ensure continued excellence.
  • Share ideas and experiences with other service professionals.



Spectrum delivers the competencies of providing good customer service to improve front-line service and avoid lip service. Throughout this one-day program, the facilitator lends his twenty years in the business community to position real-world examples and strategies. Group discussions, workbook exercises, facilitation and humour are utilized to maximize retention. Zero in on keys to good customer service.

PART I Pre-Course Analysis

Through discussions with management and/or participants, Spectrum identifies the learning objectives prior to the seminar. It is important for the facilitator to appreciate participant’s needs, challenges and expectations in order to tailor the seminar.

PART II Customer Service Seminar

This one-day program fosters the essential attitudes and skills necessary to stimulate quality customer service.

Introduction: In a world of breakneck speed and dizzying change, it is far too easy to overlook the most important aspect of our business – customers. A major shift for companies is that they are beginning to recognize that success is dependent upon all its employees – thus the importance of the role of the Ambassador.

Attitools: Representatives require a complex array of skills – attitude is one of these proficiencies. Attitude is what drives the practice of skills. Pillars of success include:

Responsibility / Read
Enthusiasm / Esteem
Service Skills: Customer service comes from the actions taken to exceed customer expectations. The following strategies will provide understanding to the difference between customer service and lip service. Learn outstanding customer service tips.

Exceed Customer Expectations
Capitalize on the Moments of Truth
Respond Effectively to Customer Complaints
Stress Management
Improve Listening Skills
Identify and Learn to Adjust to the Different Personality Types

PART III Follow Up

Spectrum will follow up with management to discuss feedback from session. Participant evaluation forms are available for review.


This seminar is based on a day rate of $5,500. Recommended group size is 15 – 20 participants.